About Encore

Board of Directors & Management

Board of Directors

  • Lori Raimondo – Chair
    Producer of Documentary Programming & Marketing Consultant
  • Carol O’Rourke – Treasurer
    Coalition for Debtor Education, Fordham Law School
  • Julius Lang – Secretary
    Center for Court Innovation
  • Ralph Aquila, M.D.
    Fountain House
  • Peter D. Fitzpatrick
    Allied Management
  • Kendall Messick
    KM Consultant Group & Senior Consultant
  • Edward Reigadas
    Retired Insurance Director
  • Joseph Sirola


Administration and Finance

  • Jeremy L. Kaplan, Executive Director, 646-726-4299 ext. 1103
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  • Sr. Lillian McNamara, Director of Operations, 212-246-0880, ext. 1168
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  • Sonal Shah, Controller, 646-726-4299, ext. 1101
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  • Gina Curran, Director of Development, 646-726-4299, ext. 1106
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  • Jose Luis Sanchez, Director of Programs, 212-581-2910, ext. 1123
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Encore Senior Center

Telephone: 212-581-2910 Fax: 212-664-8628; General Information: ext. 1122 & ext. 1127

    • Juan Cruz, Food Service Manager, On-site & Home Delivered Meals, ext 1120
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    • Nieves Taveras, Senior Center Assistant Director, ext. 1127
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    • Yocastia Jimenez, Director of Volunteer Services, ext. 1118
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  • Naryobe Arias, Shop & Escort Coordinator, ext. 1125
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  • Justin Lang, Case Worker, ext. 1119
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Home Delivered Meals Program

Telephone: 212-581-2910 Fax: 212-664-8628

    • Adela Rodriguez, Program Director, ext. 1130 Send Email

  • Dora Navarrete, Meal Coordinator, ext. 1113 Send Email
  • Melissa Astor, Administrative Assistant, ext. 1129 Send Email

Encore 49 Residence

Telephone: 212-246-0880 Fax: 212-541-7697

  • Brenda Pizarro, Building Manager, ext. 1161 Send Email
    Telephone: 212-581-3490
  • Bonnie Bean, Director of Social Services, ext. 1166 Send Email


Encore West Residence

Telephone: 212-991-3727 Fax: 212-991-6722

  • Sr. Anne Queenan, Service Coordinator, ext. 11 Send Email


Stephanie Rivera, Case Worker/Shop & Escort/Food Stamp Coordinator, ext. 123


Mission Statement

The mission of Encore Community Services is to provide care and service to the elderly of the Clinton/Times Square/Midtown communities, and to any elderly person who comes to us; to assist those who are vulnerable and frail, poor and homeless, homebound and lonely, frequently desperate, most often ignored; to help them with their daily needs that they might live as independently as possible, with dignity and decency, in a non-institutional manner, in a safe and caring environment. We believe we are all part of the human family and have an obligation to love one another. By nurturing, respecting and enabling, Encore hopes to improve the quality of an older person’s life, in an approach that emanates from the core of Encore’s commitment: we believe that what we do comes from the heart, and the heart is the center of all.